Keeping you safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Current restrictions are listed at 

Dance Scottish classes (considered fitness activity) can only be held in halls or studios at 1/7 density (indoor fitness facilities), ie 1 person per 7sq. m. 

Fitness classes may be held outdoors at 1/2 density, ie 1 person per 2 sq. m. 

Dancing is only permitted in dance studios or for wedding couples. It is not permitted in licensed premises or at any other function.

All classes will have their own Covid-Safe Plans available to view and a Covid Marshal to ensure that the plan is followed for each venue.  Each plan is regularly updated to reflect advice from the SA Government.

Any  decisions relating to the wearing of masks or non-taking of hands is up to individual teachers and the wishes of the class dancers.

If a dancer develops corona-type symptoms:
You are expected to stay away from class if you develop any symptoms that could be due to Corona virus.

If any dancer is not sure about the possible relevance of the symptom(s) they should consult the SA Covid website (Symptoms of COVID-19)
or the SA COVID-19 Information Line - 1800 253 787.

Dancers with symptoms should inform the teacher of their symptoms and their plan of action. Dancers with symptoms who stay away from class should consider a RAT or PCR test. If they do not proceed with testing, they should not attend class for 14 days. If they have a RAT or PCR test then they should follow the guidelines from SA Health with regard to any  diagnosis.