Why did I join the Branch?
We decided to become RSCDS Members to show our support to the organisation which has presented us with many resources relating to Scottish Country Dancing (newsletters, videos, etc). It helps us feel connected to the broader expanse of Scottish Country Dancers around the globe. We absolutely enjoy the mental and physical challenges that Scottish Country Dancing and the learning process it provides. Fun, fitness and socialising is a great combination!

Being a member makes me feel part of the Scottish Country Dancing community. I have a feeling of belonging. Since joining, I have found many other perks in being a member, such as: 

  • discount on tickets for socials and special events. Last year I would probably have got nearly half my membership fee back in discounts. 
  • members receive lots of information on a wide range of topics, not necessarily associated with dancing e.g. concerts, clan get-togethers, various functions with a Scottish flavour.  I have gone to things that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.
I have danced for years but I finally joined the RSCDS because without this organisation there are no dances, teachers or the music to dance to.
I am proud to be helping to keep this part of Scottish heritage and history alive. 
The beauty of this dancing is that it is constantly evolving, marrying traditional dances with those composed for newer generations.