Your Membership - Benefits and Investment

Membership Form 2019.pdf

Adelaide Branch Membership Fees 2019:

  • Adult Single: $55.00 (includes £20.00 for HQ Scotland)
  • Adult Joint: $80.00 (includes £32.00 per couple for HQ Scotland)
  • Under 25: $32.00 (includes £16.00 for HQ Scotland) 

FEES WERE DUE 31 MARCH 2019.  Membership for remainder of 2019 attracts an additional fee.

Memberships for 2020 will be open very early in the new year.

Why become a Branch member????

Being a member of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society supports not just the Society Headquarters in Scotland, but also your local Branch and class teacher

For about $1 per week, your direct membership benefits include:

  • generous discounts to attend all Adelaide and Districts Branch events, such as day schools, socials, the Annual Ball, and the Branch Class.
  • discount to attend the Annual Australian Winter School and any other Australian RSCDS event.
  • a quarterly Reel Spiel newsletter to keep up to date with upcoming events and happenings from Adelaide classes.
  • information from other Australian Branches and HQ.

Your membership fee also offers several benefits (both obvious and not so obvious) to members:

  • RSCDS sets and maintains the steps, formations, dances and music to maintain dancing and teacher standards, so you can dance at any RSCDS event or class and know what to expect.
  • RSCDS supports teachers, musicians and dancers to be able to continue dancing into the future, through new publications and courses.
  • membership of a world-wide community of Scottish country dancers, so you can join in the dance anywhere in the world.
  • a quality magazine twice a year, informing you of dancing activities, the work of the Committees and dancers’ products.
  • discounted rates for dancers and musicians to attend UK opportunities for learning in a sociable manner, through local classes, Summer School, Winter School and Spring Fling.
  • support the physical presence of RSCDS Headquarters and all the work of office staff, volunteers, teachers, assessors, examiners and musicians to sustain dancing into the future.
  • you get a say in how the Society and its services should run, through surveys and AGMs.