Mechthild Timmins

Mechthild Timmins

Teaching since 2006

I was born in Germany and first came across Scottish dancing when I lived
in London for a year after finishing school. I had joined a Student club
where it was offered as a weekly fun activity which meant it was quite
chaotic, but I fell in love with the music and the dancing.
When I finished studying in Germany, a new job took me to another city
where there was a Scottish country dance club. I joined them straight
away and have never looked back. It was with this German club that I had
my first teaching experience teaching the children’s class for several  years.
I attended Summer School in St Andrews several times and sat my Preliminary exam there in 1994.
It was also in St Andrews that I met my husband Andrew. After living and dancing in Germany for a couple of years we moved to Adelaide in 1997.
I have been involved with teaching in Adelaide since moving there and took the final Teachers exam in 2006.
In my professional life I am a teacher of German. I am keen gardener and like hiking and travelling.