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Adelaide Scottish Country Dance & Social Club welcome you all to its Christmas Dance. $5 entry at the door. Please bring some supper to share afterwards.

  • Date: 17/12/2022 19:30
  • Location 46 Prescott Terrace, Toorak Gardens SA, Australia (Map)
  • More Info: St Theodore's Anglican Church Hall

Price: AU$5



Joie de Vivre             Jig 32

Maxwell’s Rant          Reel 32

Birks of Invermay     Strathspey 32

Catch the Wind        Reel 32

Jubilee Jig                  Jig 32

Belle of Bon Accord     Strathspey 32

The Australian Ladies    Reel 32

Kendall’s Hornpipe       Jig 32

Blue Mess Jacket          Strathspey 32

Montgomeries’ Rant     Reel 32

Christmas Dance instructions 2022.pdf