For Dancers...

Core Dances for 2021

The following dances have been selected as Core Dances for 2021. These dances will be taught at classes and may be included on social programs and the Adelaide Annual Branch Ball.

Keeping you safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic

UPDATE 23/09/2021 Restrictions eased in South Australia on 28 July 2021, following the July lock down, allowing Scottish Country Dance classes to resume. Restrictions have further eased on 22 September 2021 to allow dancing at a private function and private activity where up to 150 people are present. However, it is capped at 50 people dancing at any given time. There is no requirement to wear a mask. Dancing is not permitted at nightclubs or relevant licensed premises except for when hosting a private function. 150 person maximum and cap of 50 people dancing at any given time applies. All classes will have their own Covid-Safe Plans available to view and a Covid Marshal to ensure that the plan is followed for each venue. Each plan is regularly updated to reflect advice from the SA Government. Remember that you should NOT attend any class if you are feeling unwell, for any reason, or whilst isolating awaiting a result for a Covid-19 test.