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The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) is a registered Scottish Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee (Charity No. SC 016085; Company No. SC480530), dedicated to promoting Scottish Country Dance. The Society exists to promote and develop Scottish country dancing worldwide for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Branches (also known as Local Associations) are independent, autonomous bodies that operate under a Licence Agreement with the Society. Branches and Affiliated Groups are the “grass roots” organisations that run classes, provide training and host social events at a local level in their own areas.

Members of the RSCDS, through the Branches, appoint delegates to represent them at the Society’s General Meetings.

RSCDS Membership

There are many reasons to join the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, but most become members because it is a fun, enjoyable way to keep active and socialise with people from around the world!

Anyone can join the RSCDS.

Active dancers and anyone who is interested are encouraged to join through one of the Society's 160+ Branches worldwide (either the local Adelaide branch, International Branch or Youth Branch) so that you are in touch with what is happening in your local area or wider.

Discover all the benefits of membership and learn more about the Society through the Membership Brochure.

History of the Society - RSCDS

In the latter part of the 19th and early 20th centuries, as the waltz and other ballroom and sequence dancing became popular, Scottish Country Dancing fell from favour.  It was rescued by Dr Jean Milligan and Mrs Ysobel Stewart, the joint founder members in 1923 of what eventually became the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

The RSCDS researched old dance publications, published authoritative dance descriptions and undertook to train teachers; later, it helped members to set up RSCDS Branches and accepted independent Scottish Country Dance clubs as affiliated societies.

Subsequently, many devisers have published new dances, sometimes on their own account and sometimes under the aegis of the RSCDS, using the more basic Figures of the old répertoire together with newly devised Figures.  There are now 51 books of dances published by the Society.

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