Your Membership - Benefits and Investment

For about $1 per week you can be part of a world-wide society of dancers, plus support your local teacher and Branch to continue providing you with fun, fitness and socialising through Scottish Country Dancing.

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Membership fees for 2023 are due 31 January. Click on the link above to find the membership form.

Why did I join the Branch?

Hear from some of our Members as to why they joined


Check the RSCDS Adelaide Branch Consitution, By Laws and Risk Management policies. We ask all dancers to complete and keep in their dancing bag their Emergency Contact details, should any emergency arise during a class or event. Download a form in Policies.


Members receive a quality magazine twice a year from RSCDS Headquarters, informing about world-wide dancing activities, the work of the RSCDS Committees and dancers’ products. Dancers in South Australia can also receive a FREE quarterly newsletter called Reel Spiel, about what is happening around the Adelaide and districts Scottish Country Dancing scene. Members automatically receive this. Non members please register your contact details with to receive Reel Spiel (no cost if emailed).